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    Serving Jacksonville, IL and throughout the surrounding areas in Morgan, Western Sangamon, Cass, Pike & Scott Counties

    Does your business have a boiler system? Is it acting funny? Call our local boiler repair specialists for the service you need to keep your business’s systems running. At Second Gen Mechanical, we provide service to all types of boiler systems to customers in Jacksonville, IL and throughout the surrounding areas. As a family-owned business, we take pride in fast, honest and reliable repairs that won’t break the bank. From seasonal maintenance to major repairs, you can count on us for all your boiler needs.

  • What is a boiler?

    A boiler is a system that burns fuel to turn water into steam. That steam is then distributed throughout the building to heat the walls and the floors through radiant heat. Put simply, a furnace system heats air and distributes that air throughout a building – a boiler system heats water to steam, which is then distributed throughout your business.

  • Boiler Replacement

    Does your business run on an old steam boiler? Unfortunately, your system may be outdated and costing you more in energy costs. In fact, old boiler systems are very inefficient compared to today’s models. If your boiler system is more than 10 years old, contact our staff for a consultation to see if a new boiler could actually help save you money.

  • Boiler Repair

    While replacing the boiler system may be the best option for some, it’s not going to be right for everyone. Second Gen has you covered for repairs. When a simple part will do, or an adjustment needs to be made, we’ll be there with a friendly, knowledgeable technician that can solve all of your problems. We service all makes and models of commercial boiler systems, and we provide repairs to the following:

    • Burners
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Supply Lines
    • Return Lines
    • Firebox
    • Refractory
    • Circulator Pumps
    • Deaerators
    • Condenser